Layers | Cheng-Tsung Feng

I want to create gentle, soft furniture. By using multiple layers of textile to accumulated thickness, I have transformed parts of hard furniture into something soft. The role of the drawer as a container made me think imaginatively about different kinds of containing objects, such as a bag, pocket, wallet, kangaroo’s pouch, bed and so on. I thought that it could be interesting if I transformed the container within the wooden table into a soft component, and gently connected the two elements by sewing, to make a strong contrast between wood and textile. The wooden part is hard, rational and clear, while the textile part is soft, sensual and blurry. The layers of textile also offer a special edge, just like the pages of a book, which is very attractive to the hands. Presented within one tactile item is the contrast between soft and hard, clear and blurry, rational and sensual.

Cheng-Tsung Feng

Cheng-Tsung Feng (born in Taiwan, 1987) is an international- award-winning designer based in Taiwan. He founded his own studio and personal brand in 2013, and his work now focuses on bamboo craft, products and graphic design. Feng has also worked as an exhibition curator, writer and teacher.

Feng is young but he has, as he puts it, ‘an old soul’: he is interested in exploring the wisdom contained within traditional items, which he delves into as valuable treasures. In order to preserve the inherent wisdom of such items, he has learned traditional skills from old craftsmanship then adapted them for modern design. Feng takes elements from the past and brings them into the present – and future.