Layers | Cheng-Tsung Feng

I want to create gentle, soft furniture. By using multiple layers of textile to accumulated thickness, I have transformed parts of hard furniture into something soft. The role of the drawer as a container made me think imaginatively about different kinds of containing objects, such as a bag, pocket, wallet, kangaroo’s pouch, bed and so on. I thought that it could be interesting if I transformed the container within the wooden table into a soft component, and gently connected the two elements by sewing, to make a strong contrast between wood and textile. The wooden part is hard, rational and clear, while the textile part is soft, sensual and blurry. The layers of textile also offer a special edge, just like the pages of a book, which is very attractive to the hands. Presented within one tactile item is the contrast between soft and hard, clear and blurry, rational and sensual.