Green Thread

At the exclusive Sorell Hotel St. Peter in the bustling centre of Zurich, Kvadrat upholstery textiles feature on seating and walls in a variety of spaces. They mirror the design philosophy of “uncompromising cosiness, cheerful individuality and a touch of eighties design.”

Divina is used on chairs by Kelly C Tacchini while armchairs by Jules Arflex are upholstered in Steelcut. A specially embroidered version of Waterborn is employed on the back walls and in a custom seating area. Elsewhere, a bespoke sofa in the lounge lobby is covered with Memory.

Kvadrat textiles, many of which match those used for the seating, are also chosen for cushions: the special version of Waterborn, Raas, Skye, Divina, Maple, and Steelcut.

Andrin Schweizer: “For this project, we referred to the design language of the eighties. As many Kvadrat textiles are very strong in their appearance from structures to colours, we are confident we found the perfect match for our design idea.”

The interior concept takes the building’s green inner courtyard - an element that is almost unique for Zurich's city centre – as its core theme. A ‘green thread’ runs through the entire hotel from the plant-filled lobby to the specially designed botanical wall decorations in the guest rooms.

Natural materials such as cotton, wool and wood further build on the design idea. They work to create a harmonious environment and express a scale of post-modern, playful shades, which reference the owners’ brand colours.

St. Peter's offers a range of guest rooms and one-bedroom apartments, as well as the lobby and the landscaped courtyard. Hotellerie Suisse classified the hotel as a design hotel shortly after its opening.

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