Alain Biltereyst’s abstractions show the artist’s continued interest in the visual language of our urban environment. Fascinated by the vivid functionality of commercial signage — typography, logos, public advertising and commercial graphics — and their struggles for our attention, Biltereyst’s works are liberated from narrative constraint to form a purely visual and material experience. Working on almost object-like small panels, there is an attention to layering, surface, and particular colours and shapes. Often these paintings are shown in a series, as discrete units that build on each other.


Creative Director at Kvadrat Residential, formerly known as Kinnasand, she has been responsible for the residential curtain and rug collection since 2002. During this time, her work has been recognised with many international design awards. Isa Glink’s approach to design is driven by a visionary perspective on contemporary textiles, refined manufacturing processes, and circular materials.

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