The Kelim designs of Untitled transmigrate Alain Biltereyst’s paintings onto rugs, juxtaposing contemporary, urban iconography with artisanal craft skills passed down over generations. Meticulously handwoven from pure New Zealand Wool using the nomadic flatweave technique, they bring a direct, graphic eye to the world of Kelim rugs, playing with form, scale, colour, and the perception of positive and negative space.

Working like quotes, the rugs transform spaces with bold graphic ornamentation. They link to the graphic images from pop culture and everyday life that form the currency of the artist’s work – and explore the opportunity that floors, as uniform plain surfaces, offer to make daring statements Kelim rugs combine versatility and durability. They particularly stand out for their dense, flat weave and timeless personality, and offer one of the most durable qualities in the collection. 

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Mellow is a handwoven woollen rug crafted from soft and voluminous boucle yarns. It offers outstanding natural comfort, pronounced depth and rich tactility. Characterised by duality, it contrasts different dimensions of texture and non-texture, and colour and non-colour, evoking different wavelengths that rhythmically ebb and flow.

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