Equal Opportunities

We are committed to the United Nations Sustainability Development Goal 5, Gender Equality. We want to foster a diverse and inclusive working environment. A diversity of ideas drives creativity and innovation in all areas of our business. By providing equal opportunities for all our employees, we strive to support their development so they can reach their full potential. 

Our success relies on the unique strengths, experiences and interests of our team. We want to ensure that we create an environment at Kvadrat where diversity is cherished and can flourish. Our diversity quotas and the elimination of structural biases will promote long-term cultural change and ensure we don't take diversity and equality for granted.


Our targets


We will be 50% women-led by 2025​

We secure equal pay for women and men in Kvadrat ​

We will offer a minimum of eight weeks parental leave for all parents by 2024


Our 2023 performance highlights


Paid parental leave for Kvadrat parents globally 

We aim to create a work environment where diversity is fostered and where all our people are given equal opportunities to nurture their talent. In 2023, we established the groundwork towards implementing an equal parental leave target, aiming to mitigate disparities. From 2024, all parents at Kvadrat will be offered a minimum of eight weeks of paid parental leave. 

47% women in middle management  

In 2023, there was a 2.3 percentage point increase in the representation of women in our middle management compared to 2022. This advancement brings us nearer to achieving our target of a 50/50 gender balance across all organizational levels by 2025. 

Kvadrat Sustainability Report

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