Nous sommes fiers de présenter Sport, le premier textile d’ameublement en polyester recyclé au monde fabriqué à partir de déchets plastiques 100 % récupérés dans les océans, conçu par Patricia Urquiola.

Lancement de DEP vérifiées par des tiers

Chez Kvadrat, nous nous efforçons de fournir des données de haute qualité sur l’impact environnemental de nos produits à chaque étape du cycle de vie. 

Others Will Know by Miriam Bäckström

Seamlessly blending with the intricate, curved architecture of the lower-level lobby at the Buffalo AKG Art Museum, Miriam Bäckström's inventive artwork transforms a simple textile swatch photograph into an engaging 36.5-meter tapestry.

Kvadrat around the world

Michelin-starred Restaurant Äng incorporates Kvadrat Lavo rug and Moss upholstery, and a Kvadrat Acoustics solution within its sustainably designed interior to deliver a comfortable, serene experience for guests.

Typologies unfolds the diversity and potential of the Residential collection and draws attention to exciting new viewpoints. Classified as four styles with matching interior scenarios and colour concepts, Typologies illustrates how shifting perspectives can reinvent the familiar.

Ame is an upholstery textile designed by Teruhiro Yanagihara that embodies longevity and mindful reuse in its construction and aesthetic. It is the first Kvadrat textile woven with recycled polyester made entirely from textile waste, and features a design inspired by Sashiko, a traditional Japanese mending technique.