Tints by Margrethe Odgaard

Tints by Margrethe Odgaard is a soft, matt curtain textile with a homely feel. Suitable for indoors and outdoors, it stands out for its pioneering mélange look and meticulously subtle colour blends.

Margrethe Odgaard: “Nature inspired Tints’ colour-scale, which seeks between vibrant yet balanced energies. Nature is never really monotone. Just as light reflections of wavering water and sudden movements from the wind, most of nature’s surfaces reveal intricate details when seen from up-close.”

Tints has a sustainable profile. It is crafted from a specially engineered yarn, using raw material with flame-retardant and outdoor properties. It has a water resistant composition with increased UV protection and a low use of water-consumption in the dyeing process. It lets light filter in, while offering excellent lightfastness on both sides.

Tints is suitable for contract and residential use. It is especially well-suited to private residences and venues where a home-like atmosphere is required.