Norwegian weaver Innvik was founded in 1890 and it has a long history and heritage when it comes to textile manufacturing. The first upholstery textile collection in the company´s history dates back to 1960. 

Woolen textiles have been and remain the core competence, while in later years also other fibres such as viscose, linen, and cotton have been introduced as a result of increasing demand for these products. Innvik has a competent and innovative product development department with an ability to turn out textile collections with a competitive edge.

A long-standing relationship and a common passion for wool bring us together with the Norwegian textile manufacturer, Innvik Sellgren, in a close strategic partnership. 

The formal partnership comes as a natural next step in a friendship that goes back 15 years. Innvik’s capability and technology to rapidly produce special designs enhances the possibility to deliver custom-made woollen textiles to our clients.

The consolidation of this relationship also contributes to creating more opportunities not only for both clients, but also to support the local community of the town of Innvik. 

Innvik has been a significant production partner for the Kvadrat/Raf Simons collection, focusing on the production of wool as a core competence.

With 125 years of tradition and experience, Innvik is particularly strong in soft wools. Some of our products produced by Innvik include Sisu, Helia, Savanna, and Vidar 4.


The collaboration celebrates how tradition, craftsmanship and commitment to quality products render results.

Next to our comprehensive standard range, the team in Innvik focuses on product development, design, sales, and customer service
for the Norwegian furniture industry.

Our strategic partnership with Innvik establishes a strong foundation for specialisation in the core segments of furniture manufacturers, architects, retail shops and reupholsterers.


Innvik AS is located in Innvik, Norway. 

Innvik AS
Morskogen 32
6793 Innvik

+47 57 87 49 50

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