Strong teams, One company

Kvadrat is an organisation with high ambitions, both for our people and the development of our company. We are committed to creating an environment with a strong focus on equality, inclusion and empowerment. We perform at our best when everybody feels respected, included and heard. Therefore, we aim for a culture where everybody has the opportunity to realise their full potential.

Our values

The values we share colour everything we do. Our passion for contemporary design and creativity is the catalyst for the vibrant, fun atmosphere at Kvadrat. This spirit is fuelled by our insatiable curiosity to test new ideas and break new ground with visionary products and designs. These creations underline our commitment to be quality driven and to constantly strive to do better. Furthermore, they underpin our culture and the responsibility we take towards each other and the world at large.


We are energetic, enthusiastic and curious.


We understand and are energised by the design culture we are part of.


We are quality driven in all decisions and actions.


We are open-minded and strive to see the world around us through the
eyes of others.

Our leadership principles

To achieve our strategic goals and nurture our distinctive culture, our leaders follow four principles.
These build on our values and provide a framework to challenge and improve how we operate; establish a strong, shared sense of purpose;and fuel a collaborative, dynamic atmosphere that drives growth for individuals and the company.


Challenge and improve the way we do things.


Set direction and deliver results through the team.


Develop your people, team and yourself.


Engage your team and people outside Kvadrat.