Jean-Baptiste Fastrez | Quetzacoalt

Curated by Constance Rubini

The hammock, as an object intrinsically linked to fabric, seemed to be both a logical and intriguing focal point for Paris-based Jean-Baptiste Fastrez. A simple design with high aesthetic value, while suspended in the air the hammock also hides its users giving them the ultimate in relaxation and privacy.

A hammock’s structure morphs, moves and changes shape when occupied, and Jean-Baptiste Fastrez wanted to use the Hallingdal fabric to highlight its potential as the sculptural object. His solution was to employ it not simply as a surface but as a volume, using fabric tubes of different sizes and colours, cut and tied onto a net, turning it into a thick ‘fur’. The end-piece is inspired by traditional African costumes as well as specific techniques for military camouflage.

Jean-Baptiste Fastrez graduated with honours from the ENSCI (National Institute for Industrial Design) in Paris. Since graduation, he has worked as an assistant for Erwan and Ronan Bouroullec.

His work is focused on the creation of ‘enriched objects’. These are hybrids of industrial and artisanal manufacturing. In pursuing this distinctive approach, he combines synthetic and natural materials with unconfined forms and rationalities.