Joseph Guerra & Sina Sohrab

Sina Sohrab is an industrial designer based in Madrid. His work explores domesticity, how it is manifested in various cultures, and the behavioral fingerprints that are left through time and adaptation. This inquiry is reflected in his furniture and product designs, as well as essays, exhibitions, and research projects.

Joseph Guerra and his team focus on creating salient ideas, finding their materials and ultimately defining the forms they can be realized in. The office draws on everyday observations, deep research and an anthropological approach as a means of product development. The ambition is to build objects that live in the future, with a careful eye on the past. The office distills ideas down to what they should be, while keeping what appeals to our human sensibilities.

Guerra and Sohrab's works have been internationally recognized and exhibited, most recently at the Noguchi Museum in New York City, and they have been the recipient of several design awards, including a Red Dot ‘Best of the Best’ and a Wallpaper* Design Award.