Studio Urquiola

New York, USA

Soft Cells Broadline panels upholstered with Hint
Chris Mottalini

Direct Connections

At the Haworth flagship showroom on Manhattan, a Kvadrat Acoustics solution elevates acoustic and aesthetic quality for visitors and staff alike.

It features in different areas of the light-filled, open space.

The acoustic solution is integrated into the ceiling of the canteen and lounge area, and a selection nook. The acoustic solution comprises Soft Cells Broadline panels upholstered with Hint.

Chosen by Patricia Urquiola for acoustic performance and final finish, the solution elevates speech intelligibility and visual comfort. Consequently, it acts to underline the Haworth promise of welcoming, creative spaces that support collaboration.

Furthermore, the specification of Hint chimes with the material palette for the interior. The flagship features a diverse scale of tactile textiles complemented by natural elements like wooden floors and plants.

Haworth is an office furniture manufacturer serving over 120 countries across the world. The company designs and manufactures adaptable workspaces, including movable walls, systems furniture, seating, storage, and wood cabinets.