San Casciano Val di Pesa, Florence, Italy

Archea Associati architects

Upholstery textiles: Divina Melange, Divina, Steelcut and Star

Antinori Winery

Kvadrat textiles have been selected by Archea Associati architects for use at the Antinori Winery. Located amongst the famously idyllic hills of Chianti, the site is halfway between Florence and Siena.

The Antinori Winery has been designed to achieve the perfect symbiosis between ‘anthropic culture, the work of man, his work environment and his natural environment’. Reflecting this, the architecture has been designed to seamlessly merge with the landscape. For example, the roof of the winery has been made into a plot of farmland, cultivated with vines.

Many parts of the winery are filled with natural light. The roof and floors are pierced by circular openings that bring light into the heart of the interior. Furthermore, the roof is split by two horizontal cuts that provide those inside with a view of the surrounding landscape.

On the upper level, the office areas are organised like a belvedere above a barricade. The bottling and storage areas are also on the upper level while the wine-production spaces are arranged along the lower level. At the secluded heart of the building the wine is matured in barrels, in a series of dark terracotta vaults.

The materials used for the project, such as the terracotta, evoke the local tradition and express ‘studied naturalness’. The winery also uses energy naturally produced by the earth to create the ideal conditions for the production of wine.

In addition to the vineyards, the offices and winemaking facilities, the winery also features an auditorium, museum, library, restaurant, sales outlet and wine-tasting areas.

Divina and Divina Melange are used on loose furniture in the common areas and 200 custom designed seats in the auditorium. Steelcut and Star are utilised in the executive offices.

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