C.F. Møller Architects, Aarhus
Rønde, Denmark
Textile panels: Frame 2 and Air
Decorative elements and Acoustic curtain: Divina
Curtains: Zoom

Hospice Djursland - Feeling at home

Kvadrat textiles have been used for curtains, acoustic curtains, panels and decorative elements at Djursland Hospice in Denmark, designed by C.F. Møller Architects. The goal of the hospice’s designers was to create humane surroundings with the feel of a home, as opposed to an institution; a place promoting quality of life, respect and dignity, which offers the right amount of physical and mental space for both patients and staff. To achieve this, they chose materials such as copper, oak and glass, which interact beautifully with the landscape around the building and provide the rooms with a sense of warmth.

Panels in the patients-rooms made from Frame 2 and Air. Decorative elements and acoustic curtain in the foyer made from Divina. Office curtains made from Zoom.

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