Recycled wool

As new technologies have emerged and our conversations around circular thinking have deepened, we have added further innovative, sustainable designs to the Kvadrat collection.

Re-wool and Sabi, recycled wool upholstery textiles, are the result of a close collaboration between Kvadrat and our UK manufacturer Wooltex. Innovatively, it meets a key technological challenge: how to ensure consistent quality with recycled textile materials.
The breakthrough with Re-wool is that the fibres are of the optimal length and quality. This feat has been achieved by collecting and recycling fibres from the spinning process. As a result, they are in the same perfect condition as all the other new fibres we use. 
The recycled wool used to create Sabi comes from re-using scraps that otherwise would have been waste. It’s the same raw material used for the Re-wool by Margrethe Odgaard. However, the composition and the colour expression of the two textiles are different.


As Re-wool is made with 45% recycled wool – the non-recycled wool infuses the textile with the vibrant colour – it reduces environmental impact. The recycled fibres have already been processed and thereby, it takes farming, transportation, scouring and dyeing out of the equation.
In January 2019 Re-wool was awarded with the Wallpaper* design award in the category 'Best re-purpose'.