Waste as a resource

Revive is the story of an exceptional textile made from post-consumer waste material: the everyday, common, plastic drink bottle.

The technology used to turn PET plastic into polyester yarn is fast becoming the most efficient and versatile method of recycling the common disposable plastic bottle. Because PET plastics can be hard to clean they are rarely reused for the same purpose, meaning they must find a new use or be destined for landfill. Polyester yarn is one promising new application, which we back in 2014 as some of the first were excited to put it into use with our innovative Revive textile. We use a specific recycled yarn called REPREVE that was developed in 2009 and is produced by American company Unifi. The process of making the yarn is straightforward; Post-consumer plastics are chopped, ground, melted and formed into flakes. At this stage a flame retardant phosphor is added as an inherently feature of the yarn. Polyester chips are made, heated and extruded and the result is a 100% recycled yarn ready for dying and weaving. Revive is an attractive, durable and tactile upholstery fabric - a great flagship product for this advanced type of yarn.

Textiles made from recycled waste are making a genuine impact on the global environment: Consider the reduction in landfill, the preserved energy, and substituting a scarce resource as oil and instead using already exciting processed plastics as the input material. From a Life Cycle assessment perspective it is also documented that recycled polyester has a lower climate impact compared to virgin conventional polyester.

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