Hug Chair 

Using Kvadrat Febrik’s Husk knitted textile, and Divina by Finn Sködt for Kvadrat

The developments in network technology has revolutionised communication beyond the physical. However, due to the lack of real touch and human connection, individuals have also become more alienated. Solo Mirror and Hug Chair were born to address this need, providing spiritual comfort for people who spend a long time by themselves. Solo Mirror aims to give the user the experience of face-to-face interaction, while Hug Chair uses a gravity sensor inside the seat and a metal structure to hug to the person sitting on it. These products are not designed to relieve the root cause of loneliness, but enable the user to think more deeply about their relationships in the future.

Formed from Kvadrat’s textile Divina by Finn Sködt and Kvadrat Febrik’s Husk textile by Marc Thorpe, Hug Chair explores a role for knits in mediating interactions between the body and gravity.

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