Adrien Rovero | Feux Continus

Curated by Hans Maier-Aichen

The initial concept for this lamp was born from the need to provide a lightsource that would not only illuminate a scene but also in some way define it, becoming part of the space and the interior architecture rather than an add-on accessory.

Swiss designer Adrien Rovero has kept the construction of the lamp simple, allowing it to be dismantled and therefore used in multiple different locations should the need arise. The use of Hallingdal 65 for the lamp’s surface both lends the product a warmth and tactility, and also seamlessly integrates it within the interior environment, as would be expected of a sofa or rug.

Adrien Rovero has designed some twenty different formats of the lamp, part of a past project realised in 2009: the scenography of ‘Feux Continus de la Manufacture de Sèvres’ at Grand Hornu in Belgium. The installation was awarded the Swiss Federal Design Award in 2011.

Swiss-born Adrien Rovero holds a CFC, a Bachelor’s degree, and a Master Diploma in Industrial Design. Working from his own studio, he carries out research as well as industrial design projects.

His extensively exhibited work stands out for its simplicity and relevance. It is based on the precise observation of basic needs, and brings together the commonplace and the extraordinary.