Studio mischer’traxler | Framed

Curated by Hans Maier-Aichen

Vienna-based Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler approach design with a keen focus on experiments, context and conceptual thinking, often making use of unexpected materials and characterised by external inputs, for example human interaction.

This project highlights the Hallingdal fabric by framing it, and in doing so explores a new category of interior elements that can be used as furniture – for example the backside of a shelf or the upholstery of a bench.

Framed sees several sheets of fabric carefully clamped within wooden frames. Held in position through pressure and friction so as to keep the textile as pure as possible and allow for easy changeability, the fabrics can be swapped without complicated handling. This system also allows complete disassembly in all different material components for recycling.

Grey is chosen for the wooden structure to ensure that the fabrics are the only colourful ingredients for the furniture, which can then be playfully arranged to create montages of layers and colours.

About Studio mischer’traxler 

Studio mischer’traxler is located in Vienna. It was founded by Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler, both graduates of the Design Academy Eindhoven. In their work for the studio, the two develop a variety of products, processes and integrated concepts. In doing so, they balance handcraft, technology and sustainability.

Their work is characterised by a focus on experimentation, contextual and conceptual thinking, the use of unexpected materials, and external inputs, such as human interaction.