Space Tunes Collection 2017/2018

Hard melts into soft. Dense becomes transparent. Reflections shimmer across coloured surfaces. Like melodies, the Space Tunes collection fine-tunes the experience of contemporary spaces in the sensual way only textiles and rugs can.

Off Beat, Netnet, Kelim Coloured Fringes

Felter, Heavy Linen, Kelim

The designs in the collection shape perception, calibrate the mood and stimulate the senses. In doing so, they transform the graphic expressions of straight geometries into organic shapes and fluid volumes. Together with the plain textiles, they offer a multiverse of harmonic tactile structures, vibrant surfaces and intriguing constructions.

Playing with space, light and materiality, the Space Tunes collection harmonises the overlay of different components – colours, structures and techniques – into visual and haptic rhythms. Like different elements of a musical composition, each specific construction adds an extra dimension. Cool cotton, lustrous linen, fresh manmade fibres and nuanced material blends each bring their own unique voice. These voices are given their distinctive timbre, in part, through fusing sophisticated manufacturing processes. Sculptural weaving, printed layering and pleating with tape are used to form shape and shape form.

Felter, Zenit Cross Coloured Fringes

Wax, Kelim, Netnet

Many of the plain textiles in the collection are treated with special finishes. Pigment waxing, stone-washing and reflective coatings create a scale of vivid surfaces – from glossy to matt in which structures and subtle reflections of light and colour become the design.

Geometric patterns, from bold stripes to airy atmospheric forms, are another key feature of Space Tunes. As the curtains drape or the light changes, defined shapes fold and blend into each other, creating a dynamic dialogue with the surrounding architecture.

Silent Sound, Kelim Without Fringes

Harvest, Zenit, Kelim

The colours infuse the textiles and rugs with a sense of sophisticated vibrancy. Comprising mineral and chalky notes, refined brights and deep rich hues like those found in oil paintings, they blend into emotive nuances that catch the imagination.

Along with the new Space Tunes collection, the Kinnasand rugs have undergone a major colour relaunch. All knotted or woven by hand, they explore and optimise the essential rug making techniques: Persian knot, Tibetan knot and kelim. Zenit, Kelim and new Harvest reinterpret these classic methods into characterful, everlasting qualities. Available in a wide choice of tones, as well as a variety of shapes, the newly updated rugs can be combined to create evocative multi-layered collages.

Pure Tone, Zenit, Magno

Tritone, Wax, Kelim Coloured Fringes

Wax, Kelim, Voice

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