Spheres Collection 2019/2020

We are always on the move. Walking. Biking. Driving. Flying. How we see the world keeps changing − on a visual, intellectual and emotional level − as we view nature and the spaces we inhabit from ever-changing perspectives, at a variety of speeds. The Spheres collection by Kinnasand distils these impressions into the rich materiality of curtains and rugs.


Grip & Kanon Pattern Plow

Kanon Pattern Rake

Motifs of cultivation play a key role. Landscapes shaped by humankind are transformed into haptic expressions, while multifaceted structures in weaves and colours recall elements of topographies.

Playing with the idea of changing perspectives, Spheres moves from macro to micro. Contrasting densities, tones and organic shapes are reminiscent of bird's eye views of fields. Travelling down to earth, intricate materials bring to mind the microstructures, shades and details in soil.

The juxtaposition of refined natural and man-made materials further reflects on the interaction of man and nature. Linen, wool and cotton evoke sensuous atmospheres, whereas constructed components, such as flame-retardant yarns, reference culture.

Spheres’ signature use of contrasts extends to its colour scheme, which harmonises earthy and mineral tones with bolder, more vibrant shades. These engage in close dialogue with the collection’s tactile constructions and finishes.

The phenomena that shape our perception − air, water, wind and light − are also explored from different dimensions. Other designs show traces of civilisation and scenery, for instance capturing the way movement shapes visual perception.

Dedicated to expressing shifting moments of awareness, the Spheres collection seeks to elevate our experience above the pace that governs everyday life. It invites moments of intuitive contemplation.




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