Blue Velvet Colonnade – Bahraini — Danish (Bahrain and Denmark)

Soft folds of Gentle 2 textile by Kvadrat Febrik drape to form the structure of Blue Velvet Colonnade, a soft architectural installation developed by Bahraini — Danish, the design practice of Batool Alshaikh, Maitham Almubarak and Christian Vennerstrøm Jensen. Whereas a traditional colonnade is a structural element designed to support a building, Blue Velvet Colonnade makes use of the flexibility of textile to subvert the medium – it is an element of architecture that cannot even hold itself up, and which instead drapes under its own weight. Bahraini — Danish further challenged the textile by embellishing it with golden embroidery. Playing out between the columns, this embroidery tells the tale of A’ali, a Bahraini town undergoing rapid change. Through this golden embellishment, the studio offers an interpretation of the town’s landscape, blending both present and prehistoric time.