London, UK


Custom Kvadrat Acoustic solution integrating Soft Cells Broadline panels on ceilings covered in Lumo and a Soft Cells Tracks panel system on walls upholstered in Melange Nap

Ed Reeve

Comfort zones

The new headquarters of Getty Images, designed for the post-pandemic era of flexible working, incorporates a Kvadrat Acoustics solution throughout. It creates a series of acoustic zones calibrated to meet the specific needs of different departments and working styles.

At the HQ, the acoustically optimised zones are arranged in a gradient ranging from quiet work areas to lively social environments. This set-up promotes community, collaboration, and wellbeing for colleagues and visitors.

Soft Cells Broadline panels finished with Lumo, and Soft Cells Tracks panel systems upholstered with Melange Nap are specified in focus booths, meeting rooms and open-plan spaces to achieve the desired acoustic profiles.

Compared to Getty Images’ previous premises, the HQ halves the number of workspaces to support a greater variety of alternative work and meeting experiences. The interior also reflects a commitment to use conscious, low-impact design elements.