Glittering Performance

Sony Entertainment and Sony Music Publishing's Berlin headquarters follows a "glamour punk" aesthetic and features a scale of Kvadrat textiles. The interior references the site's musical heritage and provides an acoustically optimised, technically advanced environment for colleagues and musicians.

The concept for the headquarters was conceived with acoustic specialists and media planners. It comprises multifunctional, hotel-like spaces and a fully equipped music studio, which are populated by high quality, long-lasting Scandinavian furniture. This is selected with sustainability – notably traceable supply chains – and durability in mind.

Crown Chairs at the headquarters are upholstered with Patio, Gentle 2, and Harald, which is also employed on benches and wall panels. The architects also specified Epic 4 for chairs, Balboa for Pump Sofas, and Avalon for armchairs and high benches. In addition, the telephone boxes that are a signature element at the offices integrate Avalon, Balboa, and Gentle.

Throughout the building, curtains crafted from Drops Acoustic work to ensure optimal environments for collaboration and the operation of technically demanding equipment. In the lobby, they feature a custom colour gradient.

Alexandra Erhard, CEO/Partner of Karhard Studio: "We searched for textiles that combined a variety of colours and high quality. We found everything at Kvadrat."

The interior concept for the headquarters is characterised by long-lasting, sustainable materials and materials that are unexpected in offices, such as terrazzo and stainless-steel tiles. Furthermore, many of the surfaces are specially developed, including all the interior doors made of thermally treated steel.

Photography credit: Stefan Lucks

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