London, England

Upholstery textile: Hermod, Molly
Curtains: Delling, Silky

Hilton London Hyde Park Hotel

The Hilton Worldwide in-house design team has chosen Kvadrat and Maharam textiles for their interior concept. This has been implemented for the first time at the Hilton London Hyde Park, which overlooks the park at the entrance to Kensington Palace.

The concept covers guestrooms and bathrooms. Created to be timeless and elegant with a contemporary twist, it will eventually be rolled out in more Hilton estates.

Delivering a ‘touch of glamour’, the concept draws inspiration from classical curves and ornamental features. The palette reflects this by exploring sunset tones of gold, bronze, purple and rust, which are offset by soft whites and highly polished metals and lacquers.

The fabrics chosen by the design team deliver a tone-on-tone effect, a range of textures and punches of strong yet timeless colour. They shape an experience for guests that feels feminine yet also slick and functional. The team designed highly functional layouts within spaces, ranging from 12 – 24 square metres. They also paid special attention to the headboards, focusing on using these to generate a sense of warmth and enclosure.

Trevira CS version of Delling, Silky has been used for curtains, Hermod for chairs, and Molly for cushions.

‘The choice of Kvadrat fabrics was an easy one. After all, our intention was to select fabrics with different tactile textures for our guests to feel and touch. For instance, the curtains are silky and the chairs are covered with mohair. In addition, it is durable and easy to maintain,’ Grace Kelly, Senior Design Manager at Hilton Worldwide.

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