Hollywood Chalet by Piero Golia and Edwin Chan

Dallas, 2016

The Chalet is a ‘gesamtkunstwerk’ masterminded by conceptual artist and impresario Piero Golia and architect Edwin Chan in 2015.

For roughly 14 months, this diminutive art speakeasy designed to be a ‘tool that creates community’, The Chalet, a formerly an abandoned storage area in Los Angeles drew an impressive array of cultural figures.

The under-the-radar space, which drew its audience entirely by word of mouth, is now set to go public at the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas. All of the architectural elements from the Hollywood space have been dismantled and will be reassembled in the fall in a new design by Chan inside a Nasher gallery.

Part contemporary art project, part impressive work of architecture, it has a pleated curtain made from Star in its core area.

Edwin Chan is a Hong Kong-born American Architect and founder of EC3, a collaborative architecture and design practice launched in 2012.

Chan is experienced in projects of varying scales and programs, from cultural and institutional buildings, to residential and urban design; and has also collaborated with artists in designing installations and exhibitions, as well as working with manufacturers to developing furniture and functional workspace systems.

Based in Los Angeles and working globally, EC3 embraces a vision of professional practice that transcends culture and geography. Using physical models to explore design options in spatial organizations throughout all phases of the project, while promoting highly interactive and collaborative dialogues.