From left to right the textiles displayed are: Retwins 1132, Tacti Duo 1330, Casa Time 1192, Steelcut CS Shiny 1130, Cadenza 1123

Kvadrat Acoustics Textile Collection

The Kvadrat Acoustics Textile Collection brings together unique aesthetic designs that can complement various interior styles and meet specific technical requirements for buildings. 

The collection features a variety of surfaces with different characteristics, from smooth and clean to textured and visually striking. Fabrics like Fiord CS Shiny, Steelcut CS Shiny, and Cadenza have a distinct three-dimensional look, while others have a more subtle appearance that seamlessly fits into any architectural space. 

*The collection is only available in certain markets, please contact Kvadrat in your local market for more info.

From top to bottom the texiles displayed are: Tacti Duo 1330, Airfield 0134, Retwins 1132, Steelcut CS Shiny 1130, Fiord CS Shiny 1120,  Casa Time 1192,  Casa Time 1170, Cadenza 1123

From left to right: Fiord CS Shiny 1120, Casa Time 1170, Airfield 0134, Tacti Duo 1330

From top to bottom textiles displayed are: Casa Time 1170, Tacti Uni 1100, Airfield 0134, Fiord CS Shiny 1120, Cadenza 1123, Kuria Textured 1100, Tacti Duo 1330, Steelcut CS Shiny, Retwins 1132

There are different patterns and textures available, such as Airfield's rhythmic and graphic checks, Cadenza's straight lines, and the softer, natural mélange surfaces of Retwins and Casa Time. 

When it comes to colours, the collection offers warm wood-like shades that can create contrast with materials like concrete, steel, and glass in interior settings. Additionally, there are colder tones like greys and whites, which contribute to a sleek and clean aesthetic. 

From top to bottom textiles are: Steelcut CS Shiny 1130, Retwins 1132, Cadenza 1123

Superior technical properties

All the textiles in the Kvadrat Acoustics Textile Collection are made from 100% Trevira CS yarns known for its superior technical properties. The textiles are lightweight and have a unique composition that makes them compliant with the European fire regulation EN-13501-1, classifying the textiles as B-s1,d0. These fabrics also comply with the requirements of the US fire regulation ASTM -E84, enabling a classification A.

From top to bottom textiles are: Retwins 1132, Kuria Textured 1100, Fiord CS Shiny 1120, Tacti Uni 1100, Airfield 0134

An optimized acoustic solution

The superior technical properties of these textiles make them excellent performers in terms of acoustics, fire resistance, and airflow, with options especially well-suited for high-performance audio-visual systems. As a result, by selecting a textile from this collection you will get an optimized acoustic solution that helps to create a more pleasant and healthy environment, enhancing the overall wellbeing of individuals using the space. 

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