Background(s) | Maria Jeglinska

The temporary wall as a backdrop.

When working on exhibition designs, I often have to deal with the challenge of designing the background in such a way as to highlight the exhibited artefact.

Background(s) is a series of large and small panels hung from the ceiling and connected to each other to form a continuous large surface. It can be freely arranged in space to respond to social forms and encourage human interaction. Neither object nor architecture but an extension of both, Background(s) is a spatial device that frames situations. It can contain, divide or be rearranged, and exposes everyday events through colour, surface and tactility.

As a design material, textile has the great advantage of being easily scaled: from micro to macro. The weave structure of Canvas lends itself to vibrant, geometric, cut-out figures, which are then sewn onto the surface of the large panels. The order of panels can be continually repositioned.