Crielaers & Company

Anna Paulowna, Netherlands


Kvadrat Roller Blinds to control light, glare and temperature. Soft Cells panels to optimise acoustics. TonusTonus Meadow, DivinaSteelcut TrioCavaTempo, Tonica and Bright Angle on furniture throughout the space

Interior design as accelerator for growth

The concept for the interior of the town hall – which unites photography, street art and sign-writing – is designed to tell a story about Hollands Kroon while facilitating meetings, collaboration and the transfer of knowledge.

Kvadrat Roller Blinds are used throughout to deliver control over light conditions, glare and temperature. Importantly, they fit with the pure, simple aspect of the design concept. Complementing these, Soft Cells panels are employed to optimise acoustic quality. In addition, Kvadrat textiles, in a variety of colours, are utilised throughout the space: TonusTonus MeadowDivinaSteelcut TrioCavaTempo and TonicaBright Angle by Maharam also plays a role.

Kvadrat has broad range: there is always something that fits the concept,” Crielaers & Company.

The town hall comprises three core types of space: landing, team and individual. Work areas are airy and spacious, while the various focus areas provide environments for concentration. The routing makes it simple to move between these different spaces and the kitchen, which is the hub of the building.

While the focus areas are set against a calm green background, the more collaborative areas alternate between blue and yellow. In addition, sober colours are used to enhance the original features of the heritage site, such as the stained-glass windows.

Formed in January 2012, Hollands Kroon is a municipality, which merges the municipalities of Wieringen, Wieringermeer, Anna Paulowna and Niedorp. Holland Kroon’s town hall, which has an interior designed by Crielaers & Company, is located in Anna Paulowna.

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