The Krane

Built into the steel frame of an old crane, located in Copenhagen’s industrial Nordhavn harbour, The Krane combines a luxury hotel room, a meeting-room known as ‘The Glassbox’ and a spa. Transformed by local architects Arcgency, the design theme unites large windows, a predominantly dark colour palette and natural materials, such as wood and stone.

The minimalistic yet luxurious hotel room for two is located on top of the old crane. It links to a viewing ‘box’ perched on the edge of the frame, which provides panoramic views of the Danish and Swedish coastlines. The Glassbox, with its floor-to-ceiling windows and space for up to 20 people, is integrated into the frame underneath. The Spa is at the base of the Krane.

A solution for large glass sections
Kvadrat Roller Blinds are seamlessly integrated into floor-to-ceiling windows in The Glassbox, while cassette versions are used in the Krane’s hotel and spa. A total of 24 roller blinds are utilised; some motorised and some chained operated

It was quite hard to solve The Glassbox in the Krane. We wanted to have huge windows but avoid the room to overheat on sunny days. Kvadrat’s solution with a reflective surface on the blinds has proven to be extremely efficient and still have that tactile look and high quality feel we like from other Kvadrat products,” Mads Møller, Arcgency.

Photography by Rasmus Hjortshøj