Studio Aisslinger

Berlin, Germany

Curtains in Guest Rooms: Zoom and Stoplight.
Upholstery in Guest Rooms: Divina and Steelcut Trio.
Textiles used in the hotel's public spaces: Blitz, Zoom, Divina, Steelcut Trio, Canvas, Remix and Plot.

25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin

Studio Aisslinger used a vast amount of DivinaSteelcut TrioBlitzZoomCanvasRemix and Plot to decorate the 25hours Hotel Bikini in Berlin – a unique urban jungle right in the center of Berlin. 

The guest rooms feature curtains made from Zoom and Stoplight. Benches and cushions are upholstered with Divina and Steelcut Trio where as the bedspreads are made of a custom design. 

In addition to the guest rooms, a selection of BlitzZoomDivinaSteelcut TrioCanvasRemix and Plot are used in the hotel kiosk, in-house bakery, many ‘social’ corners, meeting rooms for up to 100 people and the Jungle Sauna. The top floor, which boasts spectacular 360-views of the city, features the NENI restaurant and the Monkey Bar.

Entitled ‘Urban Jungle’, the design concept for the hotel by Studio Aisslinger straddles nature and culture. The rooms that overlook Berlin Zoo feature natural materials and colours; the rooms that overlook West Berlin’s landmarks have a rougher, more urban feel. A core idea behind all the diversely designed spaces is that they provide a retreat from the urban jungle – and, in doing so, deliver individuality, flexibility, aesthetic appeal, inspiration and sustainability.

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