Kvadrat rugs

Kvadrat rugs are hand-made and made to-measure. Characterised by outstanding craftsmanship, meticulous attention-to-detail and tactile structures, they reinterpret classic techniques in a contemporary light.

Well known for reviving long-lost production methods and for recognising the beauty of the handmade, we collaborate with trained craftsmen to produce pieces that will stand the test of time and the rigours of everyday life.

A great deal of care goes into every single Kvadrat rug from start to finish.  We invest carefully in the longevity of the final product so that every rug maintains its expressive power and functionality.

A sense of space

A rug can make the difference between a cold space and a cosy room; between a hard edge and a heart-warming aesthetic; between a house and a home.

Tactility is one of the most important aspects of a rug. A rug that is warm, soft and textured gives comfort. Acoustically, it can create feelings of privacy, safety and calm.


Our production techniques

Produced by skilled makers in the Netherlands, Scotland, Turkey, Germany, Nepal and India, all our rugs are characterised by their distinctive textures, unique use of colours, and innovative structure.

Our production techniques include tufting, weaving and knotting.


Tufting is done either by machine or by hand. For hand tufting, a tufting gun is used to create all manner of patterns and shapes. Machine tufting is restricted to straight-line patterns, but enables the use of all types of yarn. A base fabric is stretched over a frame. The tufting gun shoots yarns through the base and the yarns are fastened by a backing. At Kvadrat we use both machine and hand tufting for our rugs.

Weaving combines two different yarn systems: warp and weft. The warp yarns run lengthways and the weft yarns run widthways. Weaving is a traditional technique and can be done by hand or produced industrially. The majority of all Kvadrat woven rugs are made by hand.

Knotting is a traditional method in which the pile yarn is fastened to the base. We use a contemporary way of knotting by joining long pieces of yarn to another, using a special knot. All Kvadrat knotted rugs are made by hand.