Benefits of wool


Wool is a natural and renewable material that grows without harsh chemicals. At Kvadrat, we prioritise animal welfare and our textiles are crafted with the highest quality yarns from New Zealand and Australia, and locally sourced wool from the UK and Norway.

By embracing local sourcing, we reduce emissions and enhance traceability. Wool is truly remarkable, offering natural water-repellent and flame-retardant properties, as well as flexibility, durability, and comfort. Also, many of our woollen textiles proudly carry the EU Ecolabel.


The 7 benefits of wool



By sourcing local wool from sheep farms near our UK and Norwegian mills, we enhance the diversity of our wool collection. Our aim is to increase the use of wool from local sheep farms, which not only reduces emissions but also improves traceability, transparency, and animal welfare.


Wool is a natural and chemical-free material that we source responsibly from the UK, Norway, New Zealand, and Australia. Our textiles feature wool from a specific breed of sheep known for their thick, high-quality wool. Unlike the fine merino wool commonly used in fashion, this wool is thicker, reducing the need for procedures like mulesing that can be required for sheep with skin folds prone to flystrike.

Easy maintenance

Compared to other types of fibres, wool is particularly adept at resisting dirt. Wool naturally repels water and, with proper care, maintains a strong resistance to stains, ensuring its visual appeal lasts longer.

Naturally flame retardant

Wool fibre is naturally resistant to fire, which means it reduces the need for water and harmful synthetic chemicals to make it flame-resistant. Wool has a high temperature at which it ignites. Instead of dripping or melting, it chars when exposed to fire. If a glowing ember from a match falls on wool, it usually leaves only a singed mark that can be easily brushed off.


Woollen textiles are highly durable and have a remarkable ability to resist creasing. They age gracefully thanks to their exceptional resistance to abrasion and their high elasticity. Wool is a versatile and strong fibre that produces long-lasting, durable textiles that can age beautifully over time.


Wool is incredibly comfortable because it is soft and breathable. Its natural insulating properties and moisture-absorbing abilities make it suitable for both cold and hot climates. Also, it absorbs moisture, prevents odours, and provides long-lasting comfort.

Good elastic properties

Our woollen textiles offer excellent flexibility, thanks to the natural crimp of the wool fiber. This inherent elasticity allows them to adapt to various uses with ease, ensuring a comfortable and versatile experience.

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