Speaking to almost 200 years of heritage in the language of now, the Sahco 2023 collection traverses the past, present, and future. Fluid and transgressive, familiar yet deceptive, the exquisite selection of draperies and upholsteries are classical and radically new. 

Founded in 1831 in Southern Germany, for almost 200 years, Sahco has defined exquisite taste and superior quality in the world of textiles and interiors. 

We will keep building the Sahco Maison by honouring the company legacy while filtering the brand's distinctive aesthetic with a modern perspective - risqué, wild, unpredictable. The textiles will encapsulate controversy, being super-feminine, soft and beautiful yet dark, enigmatic, and dangerous.

The Sahco universe will be one of contrasts - classical and super modern, soft and hard, comfortable and radical. It will evoke something emotional, feelings that will resonate with many different people. Sahco will embark on a boundary-breaking quest for perfection, experimenting with contrasts to find beauty in balance.

"Sexy. Art. Heritage. Elegance. Opulence. Controversy.
I want Sahco to encapsulate them."

Bengt Thornefors,
Creative Director Sahco