A bouquet of exotic flowers

The Sahco 2024 collection is contemporary and yet a continuum of a 200-year-old legacy.
Building on a rich European heritage, reviving and rethinking classic motifs with a 21st-century mindset, the Sahco 2024 collection draws inspiration from the movement known as Neo-classicism of the North. It fuses grandeur, ornamentation and sophistication with a more restrained Nordic expression of elegance and good taste. 

Wild yet calm, emotional yet composed, grounded yet revolutionary, the Sahco 2024 collection triggers memories and manifests emotions, rethinking much-loved tropes and placing them in another context. 

Playing with dualities and implicit tensions, the drapery and upholstery textiles in the 2024 collection express randomness and control, flamboyance and restraint. Quality is paramount and longevity is a given. Colours draw on the Nordic landscape, infused with splashes of picnic red, apple green and evening pink along with foundational blacks and whites in all their intensities and shades.

As ever, balance is found through contrast. Like a bouquet of exotic flowers, precious buds and native grasses, the collection binds textiles with idiosyncratic or subtle characters into a cohesive whole. Each piece has a reason for being and is considered in the context of this collection and those of the past and the future.  

"A lot of people are searching for newness but I think greatness is a better ambition.
Our intention is to create products that have a reason to be.

Bengt Thornefors,
Creative Director Sahco