Attuned to the senses and emotions, Evoke sets the stage for the home as a fusion of beauty and personality. Atmospheric and individual, suggestive and reflective, dynamic and playful. 

Cohesive and eclectic, the Evoke collection has a creative tension derived from perceived imperfections and seemingly incongruous yet harmonious combinations of colour and texture.

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“We are living in a time when we need to be more expressive and open emotionally and maybe even allow ourselves to be dreamy. This collection encourages the eye and the mind to wander and helps to make spaces that reflect our personalities and our lives.”

Anna Vilhelmine Ebbesen, Design Director

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Contemporary textiles and accessories

Using classical references as a starting point but always infusing them with an elegant, contemporary touch, Sahco has nearly two hundred years of experience in the world of textiles and interior textiles.

Rich textures, sophisticated colours and classic design characterise textiles that speak of timeless appeal and refined taste.

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You can immerse yourself in our collection in our three dedicated residential showrooms in London, Paris and Milan, as well as selected Kvadrat showrooms and via our extensive global dealer network.

In 2019, Kvadrat launched the first high end residential showrooms, focusing on its high-end offering of upholstery and curtain textiles
as well as rugs and accessories for the home.

The first three showrooms are located in Rue du Mail in Paris, Chelsea Harbour in London and in Corso Monforte in Milan. The elegant and sophisticated spaces are designed by Vincent Van Duysen Architects. Future showrooms are planned in New York and Tokyo.
The showroom features Kvadrat’s residential brands, including Sahco.

The concept for the Kvadrat at Home showrooms imagined the idea of an elegant and warm living space, we designed the wall bookcase to create a room in a room, a library that houses the fabric collections like books. The intimate atmosphere inside, and the brands harmonizes with the location surrounding it. The new showrooms are welcoming thanks to the warm materials, such as natural oak and matte pastel lacquered surface," says Vincent Van Duysen 

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Since 1831

Exquisite taste, elevated quality and a refined sense of luxury –
these are the principals on which Sahco was founded. Since 1831 Sahco is serving
the needs of a cosmopolitan audience who demands
elegant, contemporary design in the best possible quality.

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