Everything begins at home

Home for Kvadrat is a particularly rural area of eastern Denmark. This is the place that inspires our sustainable values, and where many of them are put into practice.

At the Kvadrat Headquarters in Ebeltoft, Denmark, we put into practice many of the principles that guide us as a company. These can be small things such as eating well, or big things such as using green energy. The way we work, and the environment we do it in, is where our sustainable and social responsibility begins.

Our headquarters is located on the central east coast of Denmark in 60,000m² of natural surroundings. This naturally wild and beautiful area plays a key role in the character of our company; our immediate environment is a constant reminder of our commitment to sustainability. The landscape here has been shaped into a permanent, ever-evolving, artwork by landscape architect Günther Vogt and includes five unique artworks by artist Olafur Eliasson, which are inspired by the reflective waters of glacial pools. This special open space benefits both our employees and, as it is open to the public, local residents too. 

Since 2010 our headquarters have been 100% covered by renewable energy from wind energy.

To support reduction of emissions and the current development within transportation run by renewable fuels or energy we have decided all new leased company cars from January 2020 must be either electric or hybrid. We have already established 10 EV charging stations 2 at our guest parking and 8 at our company parking area supplied with renewable energy.

Our employees are our greatest assets. With that in mind, we make great efforts to continue improving a working environment that supports motivation, welfare, creativity and great atmosphere. For example, we serve organic food, offer a variety of free fitness activities and arrange different cultural and social events. We firmly believe that creating a healthy working environment has a positive knock-on effect and is of great benefit to the whole of our business.