The Corde collection


The Corde Collection is designed by long-time Kvadrat collaborator Ronan Bouroullec.
Consisting of two designs, Corde Droit and Corde Chevron, the collection is inspired by the allure of hand-drawn lines and the intricate art of rope construction. 


Ronan’s drawings take form through the steady repetition of lines. The Corde Collection evolved from an urge to translate this effect into rug designs. As artistic as utilitarian, the rugs in the collection mimic the appearance of hand-drawn lines placed next to each other, creating patterns and surfaces that flow in different directions.


To achieve dynamic colour depth, the rugs feature a combination of tie-dyed yarns.
This traditional technique partially dyes the yarn hanks, creating a subtle interplay between dyed and undyed sections as well as an organic colour transition in each yarn. The ropes are meticulously braided from thin New Zealand woollen yarns, ensuring durability and resistance to dirt. An organic cotton core adds weight to the construction, keeping the rug flat. Cotton stitching yarn binds the ropes, resulting in a use surface of 95% New Zealand wool and 5% cotton.

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Durable and easy to maintain, the rugs are suitable for a wide range of interior settings.
Additionally, the designs are reversible, allowing for extended longevity, and the enjoyment of their understated elegance for years to come.

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The Yield Collection

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